Tuesday, December 04, 2012

so lots has happened in our family since february…
Mostly our Opa passed away…
it's been sad..
it's been busy
there are oodles of wonderful things happening..
and I hope to post soon
how are YOU?

Friday, February 03, 2012


Stressed out Sundays vs Sunshine FILLED Sundays

Melt down Mondays vs MIRACULOUS Mondays

Terrible Tuesdays vs TERRIFIC Tuesdays

Worrisome Wednesdays vs WONDER filled Wednesdays

Theatrical Thursdays vs THRILLING Thursdays

Freak OUT Fridays vs Fun Filled Fridays

Sleep deprived Saturdays vs Sensational Saturdays

what day are you having??????

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be alive

Life is LIVING, busy, bustling, rushing too and fro.
Life is hurting, and healing
helping, and caring
Life is wonderful..
I am so glad to BE alive
to see life in my children,
my husband
my father
my family
so thankful for the lives that LIVED
and touched mine
that are not here anymore
my mother
my aunt
my friends
life is just WONDERFUL
are you living it?
what are you filling it with?
what are you letting steal it away?
realize YOU are ALIVE
IF you are reading this
YOU are loved!
me too :)
what should we do today?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Homeschool Economics...

We are BACK in full swing with our schooling here, and loving it!
This year Princess is taking an economics class
based on the book 

and she is LOVING it!  As well as learning so very much...
C.S. went through this book a while back as well..
The other day we were at the grocer's and met a lovely lady.. 
She was .. lets just say, older than my folks, and she was a dear...
We will call her Mrs. F.  and we chatted up a storm...
Believe it or not, we spoke about 
She mentioned that the prices of food are JUST so high, and she was discouraged...
As Princess was just learning about market pricing in her class in home school...
another perspective was offered into the discussion.. thanks to my daughter..
one in which...
the food prices ARE not high at all..
they aren't..
your dollar is just worth a whole lot less than it was..
and you need MORE of those dollars to buy that same gallon of milk,
or loaf of bread
or gallon of gas...
see that dollar in your pocket, 
JUST doesn't hold the value it used to...
because there are too many of them flooding the market.
while years and years ago, our dollars and cents were backed by 
they are only backed by ...
"a promise"
and ...
can we be real?
Does ANYONE trust the FEDs
Mrs. F said she hadn't heard that since she was a girl... 
and  with that.. she smiled and told us about growing up 
and how nice it was to be a girl in the City of Chicago..
long long ago...
It was a good conversation about Economics, Political Climate, and REAL life stuff...

 Learning Economics should be FUN and interesting.. at least in middle school :-)
it should offer us & our students a glimpse into a world they see, and feel, and walk through every day.
Here are some fun videos on the two major opposing views 
of the past century in regards to Economics
They are Fast and funny so grab a cup of Joe, or a Soda Pop
and enjoy a little
of our Home School Class with us!

Thanks to Machine Man for sharing these neat videos!
(be sure to mute my music on the left side of the blog, so you can HEAR these videos! )



now.. don't we all wish our economics class was THIS interesting??? 
hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Time keeps on ticking.. into the future

Sun Dials... They measure the time by the use of the sun, and shadows... Light & Dark.. time & space... There are moments when it is essential to KNOW the time.. moments we need to be someplace, meet someone... and knowing the time is rather important...

and times when we need to leave the watch at home... need to stop the gong of our Grandfather clock, and let all be silent.. times to stop the tic toc, tic, toc of the clock in our space.. in our minds.. and we need to sieze the day.. the moment the TIME  we have... before it washes away...

Time is so odd... Children grow so quickly in it, from year to year... before we know it, time has passed, and we are noticing more lines in our faces.. time showing it's mark upon us...  Before we know it, people that were simply ESSENTIAL to our every day lives.. are missing... simply NOT present to share in the passing of time with us... Their time here.... gone.

I like the sundials.. because they are silently marking the time.. they don't tic toc at  me.. or bleep, or blink, or shine their little lite in my eye all day long with a constant reminder that my time here is indeed FINITE... they are simply there...as a thing of beauty to remind me.. when I want to be reminded.. They let me seize the day..
the moment.. and embrace life, and loved ones...

Rob would disagree, and probably rant that all this is fluff for me forgetting to WATCH THE TIME, and take my meds EXACTLY when I am supposed to.. and perhaps he is right..

still.. I like sundials.. and want one for my yard... I wonder if I could MAKE one... hmmm project on the blog...??? giggling..

don't let life pass ya by because of any clock friends... put it away for a day.. and unplug the thing, or throw a towel over it, so that for 24 or better still 48 hours, you can reset yourself to the rhythm that nature beautifully lays before you... you can eat when you are hungry, drink when you feel thirst, rise when your body calls you.. and walk about your TIME HERE, with a different perspective...

just a thought...